Safety in Construction Sites

Personal safety is essential in construction areas. A Construction crews habiliments are their first line of defense from the many dangers of a construction site: nails protrude from wood, steel beams are placed by exhaust breathing machines, hefty items fall from the sky and the heat is overwhelming.

Although reflective vests don’t protect from falling objects, they cause visibility. Invisibility may be an awesome superpower, but it’s a construction crew’s enemy! The visibility afforded by reflective vests prevents construction crew members from being backed into by heavy machinery. The American National Standard Institute (ANSI) rates reflective vests on a scale from I to III; ANSI rated II vests are most suited for construction crews. These vests offer high visibility because they adhere to ANSI protocols for the production of highly visible construction crew habiliments.

Aside from vests, construction crew members should don gloves on site. Gloves protect the hands from cuts. Often, construction sites are littered with dangerous metal objects such as rebar and exposed nails. The metal objects, if rusted, may inflict serious medical conditions on construction crew members. Moreover, some glove provide protection from electrical shock.

Slipping and falling, though funny in movies, is another on-site danger. It’s a good idea to wear non-slip rubber souled shoes while on a construction site. Heavy machinery spews oils and wet tars may be lurking underfoot. Moreover, rubber souled shoes, much like certain protective gloves, provide some protection from electrocution.

Headwear is among a construction crew’s essential habiliments. Headgear that contains foam protect from both vertical and horizontal impact. Moreover, safety headgear, much like reflective vests, must meet certain requirements to protect construction crews from the perils of heavy machinery. The ANSI rates protective headwear on a scale from I to III. The best helmets protect from falling objects, electrocution and fire.

On-site safety is nothing to laugh about! Construction crews are at risk from fire, falling objects, lacerations, and electrocution, daily. Taking precautions, such as wearing reflective orange vests saves lives, sure, they’re no fashion statement, but it’s hard to be fashionable while dead.

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