Where to Get a Shipping/Office Container in Orlando Florida

There isn’t much that can’t be done with a second-hand shipping container; these steel boxes make for unbeatable storage units, portable offices and can be manipulated into postmodern masterpieces. No matter the project, American Trailor Rentals has the conex box you need! They proudly serve Orlando and Tampa.

Shipping containers may be referred to as conex boxes, shipping containers or steel boxes. Office containers for construction sites come in a variety of sizes and are often HVAC ready, possess pre-installed windows, doors and shelving.

Shipping containers are among the most fascinating cubic prisms. These steel boxes provide the structural integrity required by load-bearing projects such as multistory dwellings and swimming pools. Conex boxes effortlessly withstand vertical and horizontal forces. Moreover, second-hand containers make for an ideal sustainable infrastructure resource: they’re Eco-friendly and sturdy. These versatile boxes can be stacked, much like wooden blocks, and are easily transformed into breathtaking office spaces, chic bars and public libraries. However, shipping containers are not merely useful for Cargotechture, they are an overlooked but versatile solution for storage or portable office needs.

American Trailer Rentals offers affordable prices on all standard sized shipping containers. Whether you need short-term storage, construction site office space or plan to create an inhabitable art, American Trailer Rentals has the conex box for you. These steel work-horses may be bought or rented.

American Trailor Rentals is Orlando Florida’s premier provider of office containers and storage trailers. There is no better place to look for your container needs. They provide conex boxes to the entirety of Central Florida. Moreover, American Trailor Rentals possesses its own delivery fleet and expediently brings the container to you! Containers are placed where you need them, when you need them, hassle-free.

Whether you need an on-site office, plan to create a house, hydroponic grow chamber or portable pool, second-hand shipping containers afford the fortitude and versatility to meet your needs. Moreover, American Trailor Rental is Florida’s leading provider of conex rentals. American Tailor Rental is a family owned, local Orlando business.

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