The Nation Receives a Facelift

Expect to encounter orange signs along America’s highways. Twenty-Eighteen is a year of massive road construction. A recent report stated that 9 percent of the nation’s bridges are structurally deficient. The bridges may not fall down, but they’re in dire need of repair. It’s not just the nation’s bridges that are receiving a facelift, vintage rail cars a returning to the streets of El Paso and Oklahoma city is finally becoming pedestrian friendly.

A recent report investigated the structural integrity of America’s bridges. Yearly, the Transportation Department conducts a survey of bridges. According to US News, an incredible 52,253 of America’s bridges require massive repairs, they’re unsafe for motorists. When placed end to end, the unsafe bridges span the distance between Miami and New York City. Moreover, all bridges are rated on a scale from zero to nine. Bridges rated below four are considered structurally deficient. Nine percent of the nation’s bridges are rated a four or below. Restoring these bridges will be a massive project, but the prospect of bridges falling into utter disrepair is much worse than any strain placed on taxes. Bridge restoration is a fairly typical aspect of road construction, however, not all of this year’s projects are typical.

Vintage streetcars are returning to the road in El Paso. Streetcar 1506 recently returned home for the first time in 40 years, states the El Paso Times, this streetcar traveled 3,800 miles, from Pennsylvania, to don the streets of El Paso. Streetcar 1506, as well as four others (which are still in the restoration process in Pennsylvania), will once again carry passengers through El Paso’s busy streets, and in their original shimmering sea-foam green and red. The streetcar restoration projects cost the city $97 million, although no one is complaining. Similarly, Milwaukee and Oklahoma city are undergoing long-awaited trolley expansion projects.

These massive projects make our cities’ safer and demonstrate American ingenuity. Moreover, it’s important that each motorist heeds the warnings construction signs offer while driving through a construction zone – these hefty projects may harm both the haphazard motorist and construction crew.

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