Drivers: Avoiding Road Hazards

Encountering orange signs and associated road work can be frustrating: reduced speed limits and white-knuckle maneuvers along crowded highways are dangerous and cause delays.

“A few years back, I was avoiding the construction in Kansas City, I took a detour and found the World’s Largest Ball of Twine, it’s somewhere in Kansas,” a motorist informs us. These frustrations may be avoided through planning. Moreover, the detour may be enlightening.

Keeping abreast of disturbances in traffic will reduce your interactions with pesky orange signs. Florida’s Department of Transportation (FDOT) provides a website with information about upcoming and current road construction. Suspect construction along your route? Calling 511 keeps you up to date with accident reports, road closures, and construction. Additionally, Florida’s state government provides an interactive map of road conditions. Most states have a similar web page for motorists.

Construction crews often take to the road after dark. Scott Schneider, at Laborers Health and Safety Fund of North America (LHSFNA), informs us that “in an effort to keep traffic flowing smoothly, during the day, many employers have been pushed to perform more and more highway work at night.” Avoid driving after dark. Driving after dark reduces visibility and increases your chances of encountering orange signs.

Avoiding major thoroughfares may keep you from running into orange signs. Heavy road work is most often done on interstates and thoroughly traveled roads. Roads are like anything else, the more use, the more ware. Scenic routes provide a break from routine and allow us to see some of the awesome vistas that lay beyond the cities’ edge. Often, roadside attractions and kitschy towns are merely a few miles from the interstate.

If you do happen across orange signs, stop to marvel at the giant machines at play. Some of the countries’ heaviest equipment is deployed in maker safer and better highways. Don’t forget to obey all warnings; they’re placed there for the safety of everyone.

Planning is your best tool in avoiding road hazard signs. Utilizing interactive maps, 511 and avoiding driving after dark makes for an orange sign free journey. You never know what you may find off the beaten path.

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